For those who don’t read Chinese, the headlines say: Prostitute hit on man, man said too ugly, prostitutes hit man.

Yep, make no mistake, that’s the headlines on one of our top tier media here in the sunny and smoking island of Singapore.


The world we live in

I’m on a bus, traveling home, and it isn’t really something worth mentioning. It really isn’t, until I caught sight of the backpage headlines off the newspaper the old man sitting in front of me is reading, and I found that I really want to blog about this.

For a major paper, it is considered a top tier media just so you know, the news that the paper reports is somewhat of a lower standard than those official tabloids. I won’t name the paper in case I get sued (you never know!) but it’s one of the two Chinese evening papers. That is narrowed down enough, right?


So anyway, the headline screams ‘FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS ANNUAL SALARY TO QC PORN!’ I kid you not. Although, I have to admit, the tag line claiming that four thousand people applied had me gaping in disbelief. Come on, getting paid to watch porn and ONLY four thousand people applied?

My, my, aren’t we a horribly repressed society?

I bet that the number will have a few more zeros if it’s anywhere else but Singapore the land of the kiasu, rude and hum ji.