The thing about the bombing at Boston?

It’s disgusting. Questions such as how can people do this, why do they want to do this, always pop up when something horrifying happens. It’s disgusting just how some people, and I’m using the term people very loosely here, would go to such extent to attain their aim.


It is also, frankly, almost as vile how some people are just oozing sympathy and heartache because it’s the right thing to do and they just want to appear nice in front of others. Earlier in the day, the topic came up while I was at lunch, and every person present reacted to tragedy as expected. Disgust. Like duh. Three deaths and roughly 140 injured people; anybody would be disgusted at the cruelty. Right?

I couldn’t resist, I really couldn’t, so I very gently pointed out that Iraq also had an incident that was in fact even more horrifying with its higher death toll. The only response that I got was, “who cares about Iraq?”

Well, I do.

If Boston deserves our sympathy, why doesn’t Iraq merit the same ooey gooey feelings? A life is a life and is still a life in riches or poverty, and sickness or health. The people getting their lives ruined or cut short here are all civilians. They didn’t choose to engage in whatever sick arguments that resulted in the tragedies.

I was almost sickened by the thoughtless cruelty of such simple words. Almost. I didn’t have much appetite after that but I did eventually manage to choke down all of my awesome raisin baked rice that I had looked forward to the entire morning. The only reason why I didn’t feel bile at the back of my throat was the fact that most of the girls that I went to school with, are pretty much from the same cookie mold. Ugly.