I’m going for F1

I’m going for F1 today!

Not that I really care about F1. I probably won’t recognize any of them even if they run me over. I’m going because Big Bang will be performing tonight.


Yay for Big Bang. Do I sound very unenthused about this? I adore Daesung but I’ve been sick for the past couple of days and I am saving up my energy for later.


Isn’t my daesungie cute?

Imagine, once upon a time, I shiver at the thought of squeezing with a horde of screaming lunatics (read: fangirls). Yet this year, I’ve attended three concerts already, all of them thumping rock concerts with screaming fans. There were so many awesome moments that it would have made 2013 a fantastically good year if not for my grandfather’s passing.


The white pick is MINE. J actually squatted down and placed it nicely into my waiting hand, to the shrieking jealousy of all the other girls around. How is that not fantastic? 🙂

I hope Big Bang later will be amazing. Never thought I’ll willingly subject myself to a few thousand fanatic fangirls but the future (present now) is indeed a place full of surprises.

I suppose I have my grandfather to thank. Yes, I think of him often enough that I can even relate fangirling to him. His passing left me with a lot of bitter regrets. Those regrets were nothing big, just little things like how I should have spent more time with him or visit that place with him, but it is also why they left such a bitter taste on my tongue. They were all little things that I could have easily done and should have done. What I’m doing now is what I should have done; living life with no regrets, trying out new things, venturing out of my comfort zone.

Maybe he’ll be proud of me…