My ego knows no bounds


I’ve graduated, kind of, if you want to be exact. Results for the last bridging module (the dreadful business accounting) will be out some time in December and it will determine if I can graduate at the end of the year. I didn’t do well in the exam at all but I’m still rather hopeful that I can pass it.

Anyway, it’s been a month or so since the last exam that I’ve taken. I’ve slept a lot, slacked a lot, and did a lot of other unnecessary things. You can interpret the last part as doing everything that I am not supposed to and nothing that I am supposed to.

Like looking for a job, which my mum is almost desperate for me to get, so that I won’t be at home all the time.

After the incessant nagging, I’ve started looking for an internship last week. I did a bit of googling and came up with a firm that looks ideal for an internship. They seem to be quite a global company, their office is located in a decent place, and they pay their interns decently. Immediately, I decided that this is the internship for me.

Thus, I applied for an internship with that company. Though, just to be a little safe, I applied to another company that seems quite interesting, so that I can have something to fall back on. That something turned out to be a little creepy? They asked for way too much details. I am pretty sure it isn’t a modeling agency at all but they were asking for my height, weight and even BMI. I had to go google the way to calculate BMI.

Good news is, I got the internship that I had my eyes on, so go me!

What is amusing about the entire incident is that it’s poly application all over again. Despite my rather average grades (at least for Mass Comm), I was so confident that I only put down two choices, when I was supposed to fill in eight when applying for poly. I totally had my heart set on going into Mass Comm and I was so convinced that I would be in it that I only put down one other choice as a feeble attempt to have something to fall back on in the very unlikely case that I didn’t get through to Mass Comm.

Mannnn, my ego knows no bounds. Is it little wonder that I don’t do rejection well? LOL.