I want to write

It has been far too long.

Ironic that a job that had me writing professionally had sapped all my passion for writing. In Harry Potter, it’d be like a dementor, sucking greedily and absorbing mercilessly a part of you that defines why your life is worth living and what makes you you. Nasty mental image, isn’t it?

However, I’ve felt an impulse to start again, to pick up a figurative pen to put words to figurative paper. Delightful.

I need to do research and find the determination to finish the project that I have in mind. Without doubt it will be a torturous process, draining on mind and body, and not a small amount of sweat and tears will be shed because of it.

BUT I am happy now.


Not invincible…

At least never assume that your teeth are so. Dental bills are very horrifying. I spent close to a hundred dollars today just because I assumed that they were perfectly alright being abused in any way that I like.

Fuck my life.

Conspiracy theory

Despite my unwavering devotion to the money-blackhole called cabs, it is, to my utter devastation, an unrequited love on my part.

Oh woe is me!

Why do cabs hate me so?!

Not once, not thrice, but numerous occasions have seen me playing the spurned lover, left behind carelessly without a care and not worthy of any consideration. I can understand if such occasions took place on the unsavoury doorsteps of my former workplace, after all, the upstanding and morally righteous taxi drivers *coughs* of our fine and glorious island have to be on their guard against the unwaaaaanted advances coming from suspicious females from a dubious business that so happened to be situated at such an offensive location. Therefore it is in their best interest and for their safety that they should drive right past me.

Right. Wait while I gag a bit.

I still can’t believe that I’m getting ignored even in Tampines. Argh. There’s no chicken or ducks here, what are you blind uncles scared of?! And I’m by far the best-looking thing standing by the road, okay?

I hate getting ignored.



The left side of my face hurts and it’s not because I walked into something or got into a fight. It’s well, cavities and misaligned wisdom teeth. You wouldn’t have been able to tell, would you, judging by how straight my teeth look when I smile or laugh?

It’s a little like me; if you look past the pretty face, you’ll only see a rotten and grotesque person. Likewise, if you look past the straight teeth in front, you will only see teeth that are in need of repair.

Doing nothing

I fear that I like it too much. Lol.

It’s really awesome, sleeping the day away when people are working, and staying at home playing game when most people are out earning their keep. Of course, to still have a steady income coming in is the best.

However, this is not the way to go, is it? Wasting my life away and all.

A new home?

I’ve been extremely fickle, haven’t I?

It’s been ages since I’ve last wrote down my thoughts. Blasphemy, you say, for someone who used to write for a living. It’s ironic that I’m picking the habit of blogging back up only when I no longer write professionally. Not that there was really that much writing involved as a writer in a small company, mind you, it was secondary as compared to everything else that I had to do. It doesn’t matter now though, since I’m no longer a writer in a professional sense.

I only wish that I’ll be able to regain back the love for writing one day.

I still love the language but I’ve been drained dry when it comes to writing, and frankly, it scares me.